An ode to wood

ØDE returns to the essence. They do this by using sustainable wood, a local production process and true Dutch designs. This results in high-quality tables that are not only timeless, but are also a source of rich history.

Untouched primeval forest

The roots of ØDE can be found in Udenhout; previously known as Eudenhout or Ödehout. This area is a testament to the unspoiled beauty of nature, as ‘Eudenhout’ literally refers to an untouched primeval forest featuring high trees.


The ØDE collection


Our sustainable wooden design tables are formed by centuries-old craftsmanship and put together by skilled hands. This makes them distinctive, strong, full of character, and therefore suitable for any interior.





Skilful combinations of old and modern woodworking techniques provide every ØDE table with unique connections.


A solid design that stands the test of time. A centrepiece in every home, where life is celebrated generation after generation.


Wood plays a central role in the design of every ØDE table. This natural material is treated with the respect it deserves.

Generation upon
the center of gravity


At first glance, a table may seem like something very self-explanatory. Yet there is more to it than you ever thought possible.

A table is timeless and resistant to any event. It forms the core of all social moments in our homes: dining, drinking, laughing, but we also experience the sad moments there together.

Generation upon generation, a table forms the centrepiece. An object that serves as a common platform for exchanging ideas, formulating plans or celebrating milestones.

A central point that evokes recognition, trust and stability. A table invites, is for everyone and for every occasion. Around a table, life takes place.

Our tables are more than just furniture; they are timeless pieces born from centuries-old craftsmanship combined with modern techniques. Handcrafted in Holland at our family-run carpentry factory, each ØDE table reflects our unwavering commitment to quality and artisanship. Made from sustainable materials and featuring impeccable design, every table tells a unique story. This seamless blend of traditional and contemporary woodworking ensures that every table is distinctive, robust, and full of character, making it a centerpiece in any home.

Emily van de Plas

Co-Founder ØDE Design

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