Life is a rhythm. It is composed around the Rhythm table.

The rhythm of nature, music and architecture are captured within the Rhythm table. A design that leaves you exploring your thoughts because it can be viewed from so many different perspectives. 

This elegant yet playful table is perfect for creating inviting dining experiences and long conversations with family and friends. Remember, music brings people together. And so does the Rhythm table. 

Price on request


The Rhythm table is available in several standard sizes, although custom-made versions are also possible. The ØDE team will gladly assist you with your preferences, and can also help you to find the ideal place for your Rhythm.  Download our comprehensive product fact sheet here.


2250 x 964/1048
2475 x 964/1048
2700 x 964/1048
2925  x 964/1048
Other dimensions
Thickness tabletop
Height tabletop bottom
Height tabletop top
4 cm
71 cm
75 cm


Solid wood combined with veneer

Wood is a beautifully lively natural product. Differences in colour, drawing and structure give wood character. These solid wooden parts of 4 x 4 cm are combined with a beautiful veneer of wenge wood. This causes the rhythmic effect.  It is a lively and warm material that becomes more beautiful with age. Our tables are finished with a very high quality two-component lacquer.


Whte Oak / Wengé
Walnut / Wengé


Solid wood ‘warps’. This means humidity and temperature can change the size and shape of the material. ‘Warping’ risks can be reduced if the room temperature remains between 15°C and 24°C and humidity remains between 45% and 60%. So do not place your table too close to a heat source (stove, fireplace, radiator, etc.).

Light and air can cause discolouration in wood. Excessive discolouration can mainly be attributed to strong sunlight. Thus it is best to place your table so that it is not exposed to too much sunlight.

Our tables are finished with a very strong high-quality matt lacquer. However, there are certain things you can do yourself to keep your table beautiful.

When your table has just been varnished, it will take 2 weeks until it is fully cured. So in the first period, avoid heavy loads, heat and excess moisture.

Important tips for wooden products with a matt lacquered finish:

  • For daily maintenance, the table can simply be wiped with a soft, dry cloth
  • Make sure that spilled liquids are cleaned immediately using a soft, clean and slightly moist cloth
  • Do not use caustic products
  • Use a coaster to prevent water rings. It is also recommended to use coasters for hot objects, best to always use a placemat or tablecloth to avoid scratches and stains
  • Prevent scratching of abrasive surfaces by using felt pads
  • It is better not to use abrasives, rough sponges or cleaning equipment, as this will scratch the table top.

Although lacquer is more resistant to moisture than oil, you can expect stains and circles if water or liquid remains on for a long time. Especially moisture that cannot evaporate because it is covered or locked up, will eventually affect the lacquer. So be careful with wet cloths, cups, vases or dishes.


About the design
of the Rhythm

Julius Taminiau likes to seek inspiration from his intense passion for music. When designing Rhythm, he tried to find congruence between music, nature and architecture. All these elements can be associated with rhythms, compositions and proportions. Three important core values in the design of this table. 

The musical component can be recognised in the tabletop. The narrow grooves feature a unique veneer finish and form almost rhythmical hues on the surface. The pattern is also an abstract reference to the growth rings encountered in trees.  

Because there is an overall sense of simplicity, all attention is directly attracted to the special tabletop. A timeless composition where architecture, music and nature mingle with each other.

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