Music and architecture

Goethe once wrote: “architecture is frozen music”. But for me this didn’t feel right.
Architecture is not frozen or static, it’s dynamic; you enter a building, move through a building,
the sun(light) and shadows change constantly , sometimes you see rain falling , the people (and
vegetation) “using” the building are all moving and even the building could be moved by simply
opening a window or a door.”

What then is the relation between music and architecture? Music is in the broadest definition
organised sound. Architecture is in that same broad sense organised light. Music has – like
architecture – proportion, composition and structure. Architecture needs – like music – rhythm,
melody and soul. Architecture is music experienced through another sense.
Sound becomes music when it touches your inner level of unconsciousness (your “heart”).
I believe this is also a fundamental element of architecture. A building becomes architecture when it
touches your heart, like music. Architecture is as an instrument played by the sun.

By Julius Taminiau